Individual Performance Consulting

Sport & Performance Excellence Consultants works with performers from any domain or level to develop their capability to consistently perform in the upper range of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. This capability comes from the right commitment, the right mental skills, and an enjoyment of the performance process.

Consultations are personalized to the needs of the client, so it is difficult to define a typical consult. All consulting relationships start with an initial session to determine the client’s goals, expectations, and needs. It is common to meet once a week for approximately an hour to start with. This quickly adjusts based on the needs/desires of the client and can include more or less frequent sessions of shorter or longer duration. SPEX Consultants also gain great insights from field observation and can be contracted for onsite consultations based on availability.

Who we work with

We work with people in various performance domains and across levels of ability.


    • Sports
    • Performing arts
    • Medicine and surgery
    • High-risk occupations such as fire, police, military
    • Executives and other business performers
    • Lawyers
    • Exercise and Health/Wellness


    • Youth and adolescent
    • High school
    • Collegiate
    • Professional
    • Olympic
    • Masters

Common performance “issues”

    • Performance anxiety
    • Lack of confidence
    • Lack of focus
    • Mental and emotional fatigue
    • Inconsistent performances
    • Unable to compete at your best under pressure
    • Rehabilitation from injury
    • Lack of motivation

Common interventions and mental skills

    • Relaxation training
    • Mindfulness training
    • Confidence building
    • Pre-performance routines
    • Mental rehearsal and visualization
    • Concentration training
    • Goal setting
    • Recovery training